About Tone Tandrevold

She received a craft certificate as a goldsmith in 1989 and a master goldsmith certificate in 1991. Tandrevold has been working with designing jewelry, repairs, engraving and grading of diamonds.

Tandrevold has a passion for designing jewelry, and she started her own company in 2016 with designing her own jewelry.


Taking proud in her work, Tone will assure that you are satisfied with your jewelry. Either if you buy one of her designs, or if she helps you redesign your gold. 

Tone almost grew up in her fathers shop. He was also a master goldsmith and Tone was his apprentice in the shop "Gullsmed Tandrevold". 

Neighbouring on top of the exclusive chocolatier "Chilli Chocolate" you will find Tone working on repairs, fittings or new jewelry design.. 

Goldsmithing is the applied art of metalworking in gold. A goldsmith is essentially a metalworker whose specialty is working with precious metals like gold, silver, electrum, platinum, alloys like bronze and copper, as well as gemstones

The pieces

Tone`s passion for making classic and timeless jewelry is easy to spot when you visit her workshop in the center of Stavanger.

The inimitable Yves Saint Laurent put it best when he said, "Fashions fade, style is eternal." When it comes to finding jewelry that will serve you well for a lifetime, it's worth remembering that some things truly never go out of style. Indeed, a few classic pieces have actually transcended time, elevating their design to icon status and making them wearable pieces of art, as well as beautiful, hard-working jewels that will add polish any outfit

You can buy matching sets with pendant and earrings, or you can choose your favourite pieces. When you find your favourite you will know. .


When you buy a Tone Tandrevold piece of jewelry, you buy a piece of art. Designed and produced in Norway.